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Handheld alloy analyzer

A brief description:

DE2000 handheld alloy analyzer is used in the field, non-destructive, fast and accurate analysis to detect the identification of alloy elements and alloy grades. It is widely used in petrochemical construction, metal smelting, pressure vessels, power stations, petrochemicals, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and other industries.

Updated: 2016-05-27

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合金分析仪技术性能 Technical performance of DE-2000 handheld alloy analyzer

  1. , 快速 , 准确的检测 , 直接显示元素的百分比含量。 Realize non-destructive , fast and accurate detection in the field , and directly display the percentage content of elements.
  2. Simply contact the alloy analyzer directly to the surface of the alloy to be tested, and you can determine the alloy grade on site without waiting and spending time.
  3. The object of the tested sample can be alloy block, alloy sheet, alloy wire, alloy slag, alloy powder.
  4. , 如直径为 0.04mm 的细丝也能立即辨认。 The compensatory test method for irregular or small samples can detect small or very small samples , such as filaments with a diameter of 0.04mm can be immediately identified.
  5. , 等位置进行检测。 The portable and extensible probe design can inspect the interior of pipes, welds , etc.
  6. 450℃ 的高温材料。 Can detect high temperature materials up to 450 ℃ .
  7. , 编辑 , 删除合金牌号。 You can add , edit , and delete alloy grades in the library on site .
  8. , 仅需 2 秒钟就可识别合金元素。 The world's fastest analysis speed can identify alloy elements in only 2 seconds.
  9. windows CE 6.0 系统驱动的微电脑显示系统使所有功能皆可现场完成,用户化 windows CE 仅保留有zui基本的 windows Delta 系统有关的性能,使程序更具灵活性。 The customized Windows CE 6.0 system-driven microcomputer display system enables all functions to be completed on-site. The customized Windows CE retains only the basic Windows and Delta system-related performance, making the program more flexible.
  10. No need to use a computer, you can specify, view, and enlarge the spectral diagram of related elements.
  11. , 防雾 , 防水:一体机设计,软胶与塑胶部件凸槽 & 凹槽 构造设计,使仪器具有很好的三防性能,可承受恶劣的工作环境 , 大雾 , 下雨 , 尘土飞扬工装场地也能正常工作。 Dust-proof , anti-fog , waterproof: All-in-one design, soft rubber and plastic parts convex groove & groove structure design, make the instrument have good three-proof performance, can withstand harsh working environment , heavy fog , rain , dust The tooling site can also work normally.
  12. Higher detection accuracy, and the statistical function of the average value of multiple tests can effectively improve the detection accuracy of the instrument.
  13. WINDOWS 系统使仪器操作更加简便。 The large icon display, menu-driven, and microcomputer WINDOWS system make the operation of the instrument easier.
  14. Electromagnetic interference is shielded and can work normally even near mobile phones or two-way wireless communication devices.

合金分析仪元素分析范围 Elemental analysis range of DE-2000 handheld alloy analyzer

( Ti ) (Pu) 之间的所有合金。 All alloys from titanium ( Ti ) to ore (Pu) can be analyzed .

经典型 ) 合金分析仪器 Innov-X Delta DE-2000 的分析模式与元素种类 ( Classic ) Analysis mode and element types of alloy analysis instrument Innov-X Delta DE-2000

Analysis mode

Analysis element

Elemental analysis range

22 号元素钛到 94 号元素 PU 范围内的 31 种基本元素,在以上范围内,可以根据客户需要更换其他元素。 31 basic elements in the range from element 22 titanium to 94 element PU . Within the above range, other elements can be replaced according to customer needs.

模式 Alloy mode

V Cr Mn Fe Co Ni Cu Zn Hf Ta W Re Pb Bi Zr Nb Mo Pd Ag Cd Sn Sb 23 元素 Ti , V , Cr , Mn , Fe , Co , Ni , Cu , Zn , Hf , Ta , W , Re , Pb , Bi , Zr , Nb , Mo , Pd , Ag , Cd , Sn , Sb and other 23 elements

合金分析仪用途及应用 DE-2000 Handheld Alloy Analyzer Application and Application

Used in the field, non-destructive, fast and accurate analysis to detect alloy elements and alloy grades.

PMI ): Alloy Material Identification ( PMI ):

Incoming material inspection; inventory material management; installation material re-inspection

Because in petrochemical construction, metal smelting, pressure vessels, power stations, petrochemicals, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and other industries, mixing or using unqualified materials will cause serious safety accidents.

便携式 XRF 合金分析仪用以确保生产设备与管道中所使用的合金零部件与设计要求的规格完全*。 Innov-X portable XRF alloy analyzers are used to ensure that the alloy components and design specifications used in production equipment and pipelines are complete *.

便携式 XRF 合金分析仪携带方便,使用简单,分析速度快,精度高,其结果直接显示合金牌号、金属成分的百分比含量,从而使 Innov-X 便携式 XRF 合金分析仪成为合金材料鉴别的全世界*供应商。 The Innov-X portable XRF alloy analyzer is convenient to carry, simple to use, fast in analysis speed, and high in accuracy. The results directly display the alloy grade and the percentage content of the metal composition, so that the Innov-X portable XRF alloy analyzer becomes a comprehensive alloy material identification World * supplier.

Metal scrap recycling

Innov-X 便携式 XRF 合金分析仪,确保对大量繁杂多样的合金种类及材料品质,进行现场快速准确的分析检测。 The recycling and reuse of scrap metal requires an Innov-X portable XRF alloy analyzer, which ensures fast and accurate analysis and testing of a large number of complex and diverse alloy types and material qualities on site. Make quick and reliable judgments and provide necessary information for both purchasers and sellers in raw material transactions.

QA/QC Quality Assurance and Quality Control ( QA / QC )

QA/QC )是必不可少的,混料或使用不合格材料必给企业带来损失。 In the metal manufacturing industry, quality assurance and quality control ( QA / QC ) of materials, semi-finished products, and finished products are essential. Mixing or using substandard materials will bring losses to the enterprise. 便携式 XRF 合金分析仪被广泛用于从小型金属材料加工厂到大型的飞机制造商的各种制造业。 Innov-X portable XRF alloy analyzers are widely used in a variety of manufacturing industries from small metal materials processing plants to large aircraft manufacturers. It has become the * instrument for material confirmation, semi-finished product inspection, and re-inspection of finished products in the quality system.

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