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spectrum analyzer

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The spectrum analyzer is a fast and high-precision detection instrument for detecting carbon, silicon, manganese, chromium, nickel, copper and other elements in metal materials. The KA2000 model uses a full computer-controlled full digital spark light source, and uses CCD detection technology and a unique vacuum light chamber to accurately determine the content of C, P, S and various alloy elements in non-metal elements to achieve full spectrum analysis.

Updated: 2016-05-25

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型全谱直读光谱分析仪 流线型全新设计的桌面光谱仪,满足冶炼、金属制造和机械加工的用户要求,采用全电脑控制全数字火花光源,运用 CCD 检测技术及独特的真空光室可精确测定非金属元素中 C P S 以及各种合金元素含量,实现全谱分析。 KA2000 full-spectrum direct-reading spectrum analyzer Streamlined newly designed desktop spectrometer to meet the requirements of users in smelting, metal manufacturing and machining. It adopts full computer control of all digital spark light sources, and uses CCD detection technology and unique vacuum light chamber to accurately measure The content of C , P , S and various alloy elements in non-metallic elements enables full spectrum analysis. Accurate measurement results, excellent reproducibility and long-term stability;
产品配置及特点 Product configuration and characteristics of KA2000 spectrum analyzer

采用独特设计的真空光室可精确测定非金属元素中 C P S 以及各种合金元素含量,测定结果精准,重现性及长期稳定性极佳。 1. The unique design of the vacuum light chamber can accurately determine the content of C , P , S and various alloy elements in non-metal elements , the measurement results are accurate, the repeatability and long-term stability are excellent.
独特的真空光学室结构设计,使真空室容积更小,抽真空速度不到普通光谱仪的一半。 2. The unique vacuum optical chamber structure design makes the vacuum chamber volume smaller, and the vacuum speed is less than half that of ordinary spectrometers. Separating the entrance window from the vacuum chamber makes daily cleaning and maintenance of the entrance window convenient and quick.
、光学系统自动进行谱线扫描,自动光路校准,确保谱线接收的正确性,免除繁琐的波峰扫描工作。 3 , the optical system automatically performs spectral line scanning and automatic optical path calibration to ensure the correctness of spectral line reception and avoid tedious peak scanning work.
、独特的激发台及氩气气路设计,大大降低了氩气使用量。 4. Unique excitation table and argon gas path design greatly reduce the amount of argon gas used. Flexible sample holder design to meet various shapes and sizes of sample analysis at customer site.
、不增加硬件设施的情况下,即可实现多基体分析。 5. Without additional hardware facilities, multi-matrix analysis can be realized. Compared with the photomultiplier tube spectrometer, it can greatly reduce the cost and scope of use for customers.
、采用国际先进的喷射电极技术。 6 , using the international advanced spray electrode technology. In the excitation state, an argon gas jet will be formed around the electrode, so that the excitation point will not be in contact with the outside air during the excitation process, which will improve the accuracy of the excitation;
   windows 系统。 The dedicated spectrum operation software is fully compatible with windows systems. At the same time can be equipped with various language versions according to customer needs. The software is easy to operate, even for those who do n’t have any knowledge and operation experience of the spectrometer.
、采用高性能 FPGA DSP ARM 处理器,具有超高速数据采集分析功能,并能自动实时监测控制光室温度、真空度、氩气压力、、激发光源等模块的运行状况。 7 , using high-performance FPGA , DSP and ARM processors, with ultra-high-speed data acquisition and analysis functions, and can automatically monitor and control the operating conditions of the light chamber temperature, vacuum, argon pressure, and excitation light source modules.
、全数字化等等离子激发光源,超稳定能量释放在氩气环境中激发样品。 9 , all digital and other ion excitation light sources, ultra-stable energy release to excite the sample in an argon environment. All digital excitation pulses ensure ultra-high resolution and stable output of excitation sample plasma energy. Meet the excitation requirements of various materials.
、样品激发台采用铜火花台底座,钨材料电极;铜火花台底座为激发台提供较好的散热及坚固等特性,同时钨电极使用寿命长,耐高温等特性也提高了激发的性能;电极自吹扫功能的设计,为激发创造了良好的环境,也使激发台清洁电极更加容易。 10. The sample excitation table adopts a copper spark table base and tungsten electrode; the copper spark table base provides better heat dissipation and sturdiness for the excitation table. At the same time, the tungsten electrode has a long life and high temperature resistance, which also improves the excitation performance; The design of electrode self-purge function creates a good environment for excitation, and also makes it easier for the electrode to clean the electrode.

分析基体 Fe Cu Al Ni Ti Co Zn Sn Mg Pb KA2000 type analysis matrix Fe , Cu , Al , Ni , Ti , Co , Zn , Sn , Mg , Pb, etc.
帕邢 - 龙格罗兰圆全谱真空型光学系统 Optical structure Paschen - Longgroland circular full spectrum vacuum optical system
160-650nm Wavelength range 160-650nm
400mm Focal length 400mm
3000 /mm Grating line 3000 / mm
高性能 CCD 阵列 , 每块 CCD 3,648 像素, Detector high performance CCD array with 3,648 pixels per CCD ,
像素分辨率 6pm CCD pixel resolution 6pm
钨材喷射电极 Electrode tungsten electrode
样品台分析间隙: 4mm Analysis gap sample stage analysis gap: 4mm
全新可调节数字化光源,高能预燃技术( HEPS New adjustable digital light source, high-energy pre-ignition technology ( HEPS )
100-1000Hz Excitation frequency: 100-1000Hz
400A zui large discharge current 400A
真空软件自动控制、监测 Vacuum system vacuum software automatic control and monitoring

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